SpaWeek Guide is your comprehensive guide to the spas participating in Spa Week NYC® October 2009. This site is not affiliated with Spa Week, and the opinions expressed are only those of the editors and Yelp community.

This year there are over 150 spas participating in Manhattan alone. The spa experience can be intimidating, and choosing among 150 spas doesn’t help that at all. And, there is nothing worse than picking a bad spa and wasting your Spa Week experience. I hate to say it, but in this economy, we are all trying to get the best bang for our buck, and hopefully this guide will help you relax and feel secure in your spa choice(s). (That’s right! Pick a few!)

I’ve been Spa Weeking for a few years, and I’ve always felt there was a lot of critical information lacking on the official Spa Week site such as real user reviews and ratings, real pictures of spas, (working) maps for each spa and most importantly, detailed descriptions of the services. Every Spa Week, I put together a guide for my coworkers and friends highlighting the best deals, the most interesting treatments and the spas closest to our work. I do all the research: cut and paste descriptions and prices from the spas’ Web sites, fetch the Yelp! rating and some reviews, add Google maps and download a few photos as well. Then it all goes into a MS Word doc and gets passed around.

This year, more people were asking for it, and asking for it yesterday… well, more like 2 weeks ag, so that they could book their treatments ASAP on 9.11, the first day possible for New Yorkers. I knew the only way I could get something out fast enough was with a dynamic Web site. So I started building it over Labor Day weekend, and voilá – here you are. I hope you find it useful!