Hopefully you know the basic deets: what ($50 spa treatments); when, the dates: (April 16-22, 2012), etc. Now, for the less than obvious answers to some important questions. More general information can be found in the How to Spa & Spa Etiquette section.

I’m a NYer. I don’t have time to read all this. Give me the microformat details:

  • Book through the spa ASAP (bookings started as of March 12, 2012) and mention the Spa Week treatment by name.
  • If you have to cancel, call the spa within 24 hours of your appointment to avoid being charged in full for the treatment.
  • Arrive at your appointment 15-20 minutes early or as directed by the spa.
  • Remember to ask for a female or male therapist if you have a preference.
  • Tips are customary on the full nondiscounted amount.
  • A lot of spas do not accept tips on CCs, so bring cash if you are not sure.
  • Remember that certain treatments like laser hair removal, photo facials, cellulite treatments, etc. require multiple sessions (upto 6 usually) for optimal results.


How and when do I book a Spa Week treatment?

You must call the spa and book your treatment through them. We cannot facilitate or assist in any bookings. Book your treatment as soon as you know where you want to spa. Spaces fill up very quickly for Spa Week and remember to ask about their cancellation policy. Most spas will ask to secure your booking with a credit card number. Remember to mention Spa Week by name and the special Spa Week treatment you are requesting.

What happens if I have to cancel?

You must call the spa to cancel. Hopefully, before you booked you asked about the cancellation policy. Most spas have a 24 hour notice cancellation policy. Same-day cancellations may incur a 50%-100% of the treatment price fee. No shows will likely  incur a 100% of the treatment price fee. Even if you cancel in advance, don’t be surprised if some spas charge you in full for your cancellation since Spa Week treatments are only $50, already representing a % of the full treatment price.

Can I book more than 1 treatment at the same spa?

Yes. In very rare cases, a spa may limit you, but we haven’t seen that yet. If you are booking a massage, facial and mani/pedi, make sure the spa books the mani/pedi for you last. The spa should know this, but you have have to mention it. In general the order of treatments should be: body treatment (scrub, wrap), massage, facial, mani/pedi.

Can I book for a group?

Yes. However, keep in mind that Spa Week spaces are limited, and some spas have limited space in general. If you are booking for a small group of 2-3, let the spa know you are a group. Ask the booking agent when the best time would be for your group.

How much do I tip?

It is customary to tip on the full price of your treatment, not the discounted Spa Week price. We have done our best to provide you with the normal prices for the treatments offered during Spa Week. If you are unsure, you can always ask the spa what the normal price is. A lot of spas do not accept tips on credit cards, so make sure you have enough cash to cover the tip if you are not sure about their policy. Even if they do accept credit card tips, cash is usually preferred.


Does my facial include extractions?

Good question! During Spa Week, spas often offer shorter, sample versions of their normal services and may exclude extractions for facials. Other times, the facials simply don’t include extractions. The only way to know for sure is to ask the spa when you make your booking. If they have excluded extractions, they will usually allow you to add them for a nominal fee.

Can I request a female or male massage therapist?

Yes, but you must let the spa know when you book your treatment. If you wait until you are at the spa, they may not be able to accommodate you.

Can I upgrade my treatment?

You generally cannot make substitutions for your Spa Week treatment, but a spa that won’t upsell you an add-on? We don’t think it is likely that if you request a minor upgrade or add-on that you will be denied. Some spas may even have discounted pricing for add-ons to your treatment.

If you are having a brazilian wax, we suggest asking about upgrades to “gourmet”, special or organic waxes as these waxes usually produce less irritation.

What does “redeemable in product” mean?

Redeemable in product means that you also get the full price of your treatment in products. ReFresh Spa is the only spa we know of that offers this. You will be able to select $50 worth of Fresh products with your treatment.

Is there a catch?

There’s no catch. Spa Week is designed to lure in new clients and give them a chance to test drive treatments. Before opting for certain treatments that require a series, be mindful of the requirements. Laser hair removal takes upto 6 sessions to see complete clearance of hair in the treated area. Other treatments like microdermabrasion and photo facials will show some results after one treatment, but show the most optimal results after 4-6. Cellulite treatments also require multiple sessions.  Spa Week is a great opportunity to try out these treatments without commitment, but if you want the best results, you’ll have to fork over a lot more money down the road.

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What about Long Island and Brooklyn?

Sorry, but I’m working my fingers to the bone here on the 100+ Manhattan spas. I have a full-time job, a part-time job and a very co-dependent, needy cat. Spa information for the other boroughs is coming as soon as I can manage.

How can I get my spa information changed, added or edited?

If you spa is already listed on Spa Week Guide, just send us an email at spainfo@spaweekguide.com with the corrections. Note that we cannot change ratings and or any of the information that is provided by Yelp! Please do not send email attachments, just send the information in email.

Can I help get LI and Brooklyn information added?

Sure! Just send us the spa info in necessary format to spainfo@spaweekguide.com and we will try to get it added as soon as possible! (The info format is a little intense so I have put it on a separate page.)

Why are all spa Web sites blue?

They are not actually blue. They are transparent but reflect the sky reflecting the ocean.