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Spa Week $50 Treatments

Regular Prices

  • $65
  • ~$75
  • $6+16+30?
  • 55 Min Swedish Massage
  • 60 Min Hydrating Facial
  • 75 Min Manicure/Pedicure and 30 Min Swedish Massage

Swedish Massage

No description available at this time.

Hydrating Facial

No description available at this time.

Manicure/Pedicure and 30 Min Swedish Massage

No description available at this time.


No information available at this time.

Editor’s Note: You might want to check with the spa about the mani/pedi and confirm if it is a spa pedicure or normal pedicure they are offering.

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The above information was taken from the spa's Web site. We can make no guarantee for its accuracy. In some cases, an exact match for the Spa Week treatment could not be found on the spa's Web site, and the most likely match is used here instead. Those cases are noted with an asterisk(*). Please confirm treatment specifics with the spa when booking your appointment.


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Spa Information

From the spa's Web site or promotional materials. No guarantee of accuracy.

Living with a busy lifestyle in New York today, You need a place where you can experience peace and renewal Inside-Out. Vogue Day Spa invites you to step in a peaceful and relaxing environment. Our goal is to help you rejuvenate yourself and develop a Healthy Lifestyle.

In addition, we provide you with executive and professional treatments to different skin problems that you are experiencing and/or will experience. With more than 10 years of experience in Esthetic Field and our advanced Aesthetician, we guarantee that you will receive a sincere and best services and satisfactory results.

Full Day Spa offers the most relaxing and comfortable treatments to you, in which your mind can be rest and your beauty can be restored. It will also renewed your engery and you will be fresh instantly after the whole treatment. Thus, of the many quality-services provided within our spa, this treatment is very specially favored by our clients.

Massage Therapy, featured with its special functions of stress reduction and the achievement of balance between the Body and Soul, can rest your mind and restore your charms within minutes. Right after the treatment, with your energy replenished, you will find yourself refreshed instantly, and as a result, you will be more productive at work and have more fun in life.

Facial Treatment, featured with its unique skin-care facial massage and tender touch and rub on your pampered skin, can assist the penetration of the natural elements in our effective skin-care products into your facial skin. After the treatment, you will find that you are experiencing a rejuvenation of your skin, and your beauty and charms will be healthily and effectively maintained.

Our superior skin care products, GERnetic, is designed to stimulate cellular functions and cure most difficult skin disorders. These professional treatments are safe for all skin types. What is more, the products can efficiently help you get rid of many kinds of skin problems without any surgeries.